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Body Toning

Experience the future of body contouring with our EMS Body Toning treatments. This non-invasive treatment stimulates deep muscle contractions for improved tone, strength, and sculpting of the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and calves. Some therapeutic benefits include alleviating back pain, better posture, enhanced stability and balance, and improving ab separation or Diastasis Recti. 


EMS Body Toning

How does it work?

EMS (electromagnetic stimulation) works by directing high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy towards specific muscle groups which produces powerful contractions. When you exercise, you create microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. As these heal, they grow back thicker and stronger. This is known as muscle hypertrophy. EMS toning accelerates this process as the intense contractions it induces cause rapid muscle fiber tearing, leading to accelerated hypertrophy, or muscle growth. As a result, you get the benefits of numerous workouts compressed into a fraction of the time. The benefits of this treatment include shaping and toning the body, enhanced muscle definition, reduction of unwanted fat, stronger core, improved posture, and can aid in reducing muscle atrophy and recovery times, enhancing overall physical function and well-being.

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